• Aerial Photography
  • Spring is here

    Warm weather, thunderstorms, and pollen all mark the beginning of spring. I have a decent commute between Athens and Milledgeville but it takes me through some beautiful countryside, so I keep my drone in the trunk of my car in case a photo presents itself. A few weeks ago, I saw some dark clouds forming […]

  • Aerial Photography
  • Book presentation

    A few weeks ago I presented my digital textbook to the Georgia DNR Board of Directors up in Atlanta. It was very well-received and they will do a press release once it is available on the Apple Bookstore, which should be in the coming weeks. It has been a long time coming, but the final […]

  • Aerial Photography
  • Keeping Busy

    The spring semester is off to a good beginning and classes are all moving full steam ahead. I’ve got a busy week coming up, starting with a guest lecture for three different courses and then an iPad training session at Baldwin High School. MyAthens, which is the de facto social media account for all things […]

  • Aerial Photography
  • Spring Semester

    Hard to believe my sabbatical is coming to an end and the spring semester is about to begin. It was a very rewarding break from my usual responsibilities as a professor, and it allowed me to really connect with something I am passionate about: multimedia. I took thousands of photos, shot hours of video, and […]

  • Mountains
  • Aerial Video

    I am winding down all of my visits for my state park digital textbook, and I have shot a LOT of footage all over this beautiful state. I put together a video with some of the highlights that I have embedded below. I have another version that I did for the state of Georgia that […]

  • Aerial Photography
  • It’s Been a While

    If you have been following my Instagram, you’ll notice that I have uploaded a ton of new pics, but I haven’t been on here in a bit. I guess because Instagram is, as it’s name indicates, relatively instant. This takes a bit more thought and my thoughts have mostly been consumed with some work related […]

  • Aerial Photography
  • Cotton

    One nice thing about aerial photography is that you are afforded a tremendous amount of flexibility to compose your shots.┬áDriving back from Milledgeville with the sun on its way down, I passed by this cotton field with row upon row of undisturbed green. It was interesting to the eye, so I pulled over and had […]