Virtual Reality

Update: We have some exciting news! We have now partnered with Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB) to bring our content to a vast audience that is already using the VR content that has been created by many GPB. This partnership will allow us to work collaboratively with this large organization to get the videos into as many classrooms as possible, including through the use of their dedicated Oculus VR app.

Here is a link to the GPB virtual field trip website


About two years ago, I started a project that aims to capture all kinds of educational content from around the state of Georgia and bring it to an audience. The exciting part of this project is that it is all in virtual reality, with video that is shot at 8K resolution in a 360 degree 3D environment. These videos bring experts from all over the state directly to teachers and students using a free YouTube channel. What do you need to watch these videos?

Good: A laptop or desktop computer, which allow you to enjoy the 360 aspect of the video

Better: An iPad or mobile device which give you a window into the video, allowing you to look all around by moving your device in any direction

Best: A 3D-enabled virtual reality headset (like the Oculus Go) which creates an immersive experience like none other

Here is the Virtual Reality Georgia Youtube channel