• Mountains
  • Aerial Video

    I am winding down all of my visits for my state park digital textbook, and I have shot a LOT of footage all over this beautiful state. I put together a video with some of the highlights that I have embedded below. I have another version that I did for the state of Georgia that […]

  • Mountains
  • Sunset Over Foggy Mountains

    There is nothing like the Appalachians after a heavy rain. The fog rises slowly from the numerous valleys, clinging to the trees and the tops of the mountains. On this particular day, the clouds thinned enough to let the setting sun illuminate the sky, creating an exceptional opportunity.  

  • Mountains
  • Young Black Bear

    We have a cabin in the N. Georgia mountains, and over the years we have seen several bears in the area. None of them were as “friendly” as this guy, and he came to our property one afternoon and had no interest in leaving. He climbed a tree, walked around in the woods, and then […]

  • Mountains
  • Rainy Day in the Mountains

    One nice thing about the mountains is that they are beautiful ALL of the time, regardless of the season or the weather. For instance, after a heavy thunderstorm in the summer, fog can be seen rising up from the many peaks and valleys of the Appalachians. It is beautiful and serene.  

  • Aerial Photography
  • Old Tractor

    Old machinery can be very photogenic, due to the weathering and wear from years or decades of service. This old tractor was sitting in a field about 1/2 a mile away from me, but drone photography allows for a freedom that has never before been realized among the photographic world.