I have had websites off and on over the past 15 years, but I haven’t had much of a presence over the past decade with the exception of my personal site that is shared with my undergraduate and graduate students. It is a bit long in the tooth, still contains Flash elements, and the design doesn’t really hold up too well to the ubiquitous HTML 5 and CSS of today. That said, I designed it myself from scratch and it is absolutely full of resources for those in the fields of instructional design and instructional technology. But, it is time to update some things, and overhauling that monstrosity of a website would be akin to a frame-off restoration of a mid-50s Chevy; it would take a long time and should only happen if its a labor of love. Instead I am going to begin to migrate my online life over to this website, where I can house photographs, resources for students, as well as showcase blogging to my undergrad and graduate students.

I remember the early days of running a WordPress website, I had to purchase server access and then configure everything manually. Those days are gone with the new software installs that come with modern webhosting companies, so getting this up and running was pretty easy.

Anyway, welcome to my new website. It will grow and expand with my photography, some video, as well as technology resources. I’ll try to keep things fresh and interesting.

Featured image is of the Choestoe Valley in N. Georgia. Taken with a DJI Phantom 4.

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