Back to School

Welcome to the fall semester everyone! Yes, it’s been a while since my last post and there is a lot that’s happened since my gallery show last spring. I have a bit of professional and personal information to update you with, so let’s start with a new project I’m working on at GCSU.

Virtual Reality

Last year I wrote a grant to purchase a high-end, professional quality VR camera. This semester I will begin visiting locations all over the state of Georgia to record scientists and historians as they talk about the unique and educational aspects of the location. This 8K, 360 degree video will then be edited and uploaded to a Youtube channel for students and teachers all over the state and the world to watch with their 3D goggles. Something as simple as Google Cardboard, or as advanced as the new Oculus system, will work. These immersive field tips will make the students feel like they are there and learning from the expert, without ever having to leave their classroom. My first visit will be to Andalusia in early September, and after that I have some very exciting locations to film.

Summer Trip and Photography

A few years ago we bought a motorhome and each summer we go on a huge trip somewhere in the United States. This summer we spent six weeks on the road, exploring the East coast and a lot of Maine. It was fantastic, and I was able to take some really cool photographs of the lighthouses around Maine. If you are interested in what it is like for a family to live in 200 square feet for 6 weeks (spoiler: it is a ton of fun if you love to travel), then feel free to check out the blog.