EDIT 3220 Spring 2023

Welcome to EDIT 3220, a class devoted to providing ideas and training on how to use technology in the K-12 classroom. You might want to bookmark this page, as it will be continuously updated with new information on assignments, as well as technology, throughout the semester. The course will be paperless so all content that you need to complete your projects will be posted on this page.

Class Padlet (seating chart) Section 1 Section 2

Course Syllabus

– You will use Livetext as well as your Google Drive account in this course. Make sure you have access to both and know your usernames/passwords

Proposed Schedule:

Jan 11 Class introductions, basic tech, social media 
Jan 18Searches, social media, iPad basics
Jan 25Padlet on Laws
Feb 1Using Book Creator (field-based)
Feb 8Professional website creation, design
Feb 15Using Electronic Whiteboards
Feb 22Teaching demonstration with whiteboard
March 1Google certification
March 8Explain Everything
March 15Spring Break
March 22Online Teaching/Learning
March 29The best online resources
April 5How to produce and edit digital video
April 12Editing session for videos
April 19Wrap up websites
April 26TBD

Laws Teachers Should Know:




Fair Use of Copyright

Classroom activity:

You all will be building a concept map and there can be no more than 4 individuals in each group. You will build your concept map on the laws that all teachers need to be aware of: CIPA, COPPA, FERPA, and Fair Use of CopyrightEach group member must work and develop the concept map. The finished map needs to be extensive and cover the laws sufficiently.

  • begin with a main title
  • break it down into the subtopics that are all related to the main subject
  • break those down further into detailed examples and media
    • you must include images, video, and links
  • Each law needs to include an example of something that could happen in a classroom to violate the law (this shows you understand how they can apply to you)
  • overall there should be roughly 25 elements (or more) on the completed concept map

Hardware and Software

Using search engines activity

Basic computer components

How computer viruses work

Download free software to prevent viruses

Do not fall for phishing scams. They can be very clever and many people cannot tell the difference.


Google is a powerful search engine, but many people don’t know some of the advanced ways it can be used. Try to answer these questions:

  1. Find some PowerPoint presentations or PDF files that can help you teach the structure and function of cells in the human body.
  2. Name the many bands/artists that have covered the song “Wagon Wheel”
  3. How many times is my last name mentioned on the Georgia College website?
  4. Find some of the critics’ reviews of The Walking Dead during previous seasons, but without worrying about coming across a spoiler from the current season.
  5. Your cell phone has started dropping the Wifi connection on a daily basis. It happens at school and at home. How could you solve this problem?

Social Media

General rules to follow:

1. Do not Facebook, Twitter, or IG “friend” your students
2. Consider changing your last name once you begin teaching
3. Consider creating a new account on Facebook/IG/Social Media for online contact with students
4. Make sure your stuff is private. Make VERY sure. Go and view it as someone else and as the general public to make certain

Locking down your presence on the web can be tough, but now is the time to do it. Google, Twitter, Tik Tok, IG, Vine, Tumbler, etc need to all be examined.