• Aerial Photography
  • Savannah Sunrise

    I was down in Savannah at the beginning of April and woke up in time to grab this shot of the sun coming up over the ocean, located about 15 miles from downtown Savannah. What a fantastic city, full of history, culture, art, and plenty of beauty. Seeing it from the air provided a different […]

  • Aerial Photography
  • Spring Semester

    Hard to believe my sabbatical is coming to an end and the spring semester is about to begin. It was a very rewarding break from my usual responsibilities as a professor, and it allowed me to really connect with something I am passionate about: multimedia. I took thousands of photos, shot hours of video, and […]

  • Mountains
  • Aerial Video

    I am winding down all of my visits for my state park digital textbook, and I have shot a LOT of footage all over this beautiful state. I put together a video with some of the highlights that I have embedded below. I have another version that I did for the state of Georgia that […]

  • Photography
  • Berlin

    Been a while since my last post, mostly becauseĀ I spent a week over in Berlin doing some great things with Apple. I was fortunate enough to be selected to attend the Apple Distinguished Educator International Institute, and it was spectacular. I learned a lot, connected with people from all over the world, and spent some […]